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What can we do for you?

  • Technical editing of quilt, sewing, or craft patterns: Double-check all measurements, numbers of cut pieces, yardages, logical order of construction steps, and adherence to your style guide.
  • Write quilt or other sewing project instructions: Using your project (or a photo of it), a few measurements, and any special construction notes, we will write complete quilt instructions (following your existing patterns for style or consulting your style guide if you have one). We figure and double-check all measurements, numbers of cut pieces, yardages, and logical order of steps.
  • Write instructions and do technical illustrations: This includes all of the items mentioned above in instructions as well as providing technical diagrams created in Adobe Illustrator CC (following any standards you already have for illustration line weight, etc.). Illustrations include either solid-color pieces in the diagrams or more realistic pattern fills that look more like your real fabric. As an extra check on the math in the quilt, we draw all illustrations at full size before shrinking them down to a specified percentage.
  • Write instructions, do technical illustrations, and lay out pattern in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator: This includes all of the items above plus layout in a ready-to-print pattern PDF.
  • Additional services: Ask us about styled or flat photography, creation of different colorways of your pattern, hosting downloadable PDFs on our servers, or creating a quilting-related website.

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